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About us

A more than 218 years old building, which was known as Inn Ančka in the 60. has, in December 2017, gotten a new chance to enable the development of catering and tourism in Slovenj Gradec under the new name of Hiša Ančka. Its position has always enabled visiting, not only to locals, but also travelers and tourists. It lies on the outskirts of the center and is only a few meters away from the crossroads of the routes leading to the industrial zone, the center of the city, further to north of Carinthia or the path leading to the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The modern name and the latest equipment express comfort and make it the kind of cheerful place that Ančka was known for.

Today, besides the meals “on a spoon”, you can find Italian culinary delicacies with a touch of Slovenia in the Hiša Ančka. Homemade pasta, excellent desserts and a varied set of wines and whiskeys are a huge advantage. During the year a variety of culinary and thematic evenings are organized. We are also proud to be present at the Slovene culinary campaign, “Week of Restaurants”where the best culinary art is promoted. Hiša Ančka has a big summer terrace, in the size of 250 square meters, and during summer time we organize weekly cultural and musical events there. The youngest can have a party of their own, on the playgrounds covered with artificial grass.

Almost a year after the opening of the restaurant, the opening of a Boutique Hotel had followed, where guests are provided with 5 rooms, furnished in modern and pleasant tones with modern equipment. 

Your comfort and well-being are taken care of by the team of 11 people.