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ROOMS – Boutiq Hotel ****

In Hiša Ančka, in addition to our restaurant and cafe, we also recommend rooms in Boutiq Hotel. Currently we can boast with five: Ani, Majek, Petruha, Cilka in Majdica. Each room has its own special charm. By the end of February 2019 we will have two high-standard rooms more to offer. One of the rooms will have its own gallery, thus we will use the charm of the mansard.

Each room has a mini bar with glass doors, which is perfectly integrated into the entire image.

All rooms are furnished with great taste, they are stylish and sophisticated. Our main goal is the well-being of guests, therefore natural materials such as oak in combination with top-quality ceramics and warm colors on the walls, were used.


(21.00 m^2)

Room 1 is named after the owners daughter Ana.  it is located on the left side, entering Hiša Ančka through the main entrance. The room has one french bed.

At the entrance to the room there is a special room with a closet. The bedroom and the front room are separated by a door. The bathroom has a shower. The view through the window reveals the famous water fountain in the roundabout of Slovenj Gradec, which is most beautiful at night.

(21.00 m^2)

Room 2 or Room Majek is named by the nickname given to the owner in her youth. It is positioned on the loft, just a few steps from the main entrance.

You can enter the room through a swinging door. The room has one french bed. The bathroom has a shower and is separated with a door. The room is given a special charm thanks to the wallpaper in combination with intimate lighting.

(26.00 m^2)

Room 3 or Room Petruha, Is the name picked by the owner Peter, and has its own entrance at the back side of Hiša Ančka. The room has 2 beds, one french and one classical. The bathroom has a shower and is separated by a door.

(42.00 m^2)

Room no. 4 oz. Room Majdica, which name she got after Mother (owner´s mother). It is the largest room with one French bed and one classic bed, with the possibility of an extra bed. The bathroom with shower is separated from the door. This room overlooks the mountains.

(28.00 m^2)

Room no. 5 oz. Room Cilka, which name she got after Petra (owner’s) mom. It is the largest double room. This room offers views of the narrow street. The bathroom with shower is separated from the door.